Mobile Podcast Recording

we're hitting the road!

Do you have compelling stories that the world needs to hear? Want to market and grow your brand with the power of your own voice? Do you have a passion for helping, inspiring, and encouraging people? Love talking about music? Movies? Books? Skysong Creative wants to help you do it through a podcast! And here’s the best thing about it… You don’t even have to move a muscle, because we will come to YOU! With our mobile recording setup, we have the ability to come and record your podcast in the comfort of your own home, office space, or elsewhere! We’re excited to be the CSRA’s first professional mobile podcast recording solution.

With our top-of-the-line equipment we can professionally record, edit, host and distribute your podcast to all major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, and more. Whether it’s just you going solo, or a group of friends or colleagues, we’ll make it happen! Be sure to check out our great rates below, and check the Frequently Answered Questions for more info! When you’re ready to make the world’s next awesome podcast, shoot us a message!

Oh, and if you need help with a website or some graphic design to promote your podcast, lucky you! We can do that too 🙂



$75 travel & setup fee

$50 per hour for recording (minimum 1 hour)


$2 per episode minute
(Ex. A 30 minute episode would be $60)

Includes royalty-free music for your intro/outro if needed

hosting & distribution

$40 one-time fee for hosting of unlimited episodes and distribution to all major podcast platforms

*For recording/editing customers only

10% off your final invoice if you record a 30-second spot for Skysong Creative in your podcast episode!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you record at once?

Up to 6 people with direct mics!


How far do you travel?

As of right now, we will travel anywhere within the CSRA – but who knows what the future could hold!


What type of microphones do you use?

We primarily use Shure SM7B microphones – the industry standard for podcasting! We do however have a selection of other dynamic and condenser microphones at our disposal if the need for something different arises.


Do you record anything other than podcasts?

Sure! We can record voiceovers, audiobooks, and more. If it involves your voice, we can record it! We are not set up to record music at this time.


I have a guest/co-host that I want to record with, but they aren’t local. Can you still record them?

You bet! We have the equipment to bring their audio directly into the recording – whether it’s by a phone call, Zoom, FaceTime, or any other type of virtual communication.


What is the best type of location to record at?

There are lots of possibilities! But we do suggest a few things… A quiet room with very little echo is best. Carpeted floors, furniture, bookshelves, curtains, etc. really help to mitigate echo. Keep in mind that children, barking dogs, meowing cats, road noise (if your location is near a busy road), and other similar things can (and probably will) be picked up by the microphone! We realize that this is unavoidable sometimes, but the less ambient/outside noise, the better your recording will be!


Can you edit and distribute my podcast as well?

Absolutely! Not only can we record, but we can professionally edit your podcast with intros/outros (royalty free music included) and sponsorship spots, host the podcast files on our server, and distribute them to all of the major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, and more.


I really want to record but my house is just too noisy and I don’t have any other locations! What can I do?

We have some connections! We will do our best to work with you and secure a good quiet location for recording.


How long does it take you to set up your equipment for recording?

In most situations, we can be set up and ready to record within an hour once we reach your location!


Do you record video podcasts as well?

Not currently, but we are hoping to add video recording in the future!

Ready to record? Contact us and let’s get rolling!